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Freight Forwarding Manager


Freight Forwarding Manager

Job type: par time to permanent (start form 20h/week)

Salary: £22.000-25.000 competitive (depending on experience) + Bonus

Working days: Mon-Fri

Job Responsibilities:

As a Freight Forwarding Manager, you will work out the best method and route for moving large volumes of freight from the point of origin to the destination via road and ensuring that the cargo reaches its destination:

- in the least possible amount of time,

- in an environmentally friendly and safe manner and

- at the most affordable rate.

You’ll be conducting research and route planning, taking into consideration the kind of cargo being transported, the distance involved and any specific customer requirements with regards to the final delivery time.

You’ll also be responsible for handling the packing, insurance, customs documentation and other regulatory requirements, especially for freight moving across national borders.

Awesome organisational skills are essential, as you’ll be arranging for the timely pick-up of freight and organising transportation between intermediate destinations, i.e. port facilities, cargo terminals and railway yards, through which a major portion of the freight movement is completed.

You’ll also be responsible for monitoring everything and keeping a keen eye on what’s going on, using software applications and satellite technology to provide real-time tracking of freight movements and ensuring timely delivery. Furthermore, you may be required to make payments and process transactions, like freight charges, on behalf of your customers.

You will keep your clients informed throughout the whole process and reporting back to them at each and every stage. Consequently, you will need to collect data, present it in an accessible form and write detailed reports.


The successful candidate must have a mininum of 2 years import/export supervisory experience. Must have customs clearance knowledge, use of Multifreight would be advantageous

Must have exceptional attention to detail, be able to work under pressure, to be able to work as part of a team and have good customer and communication skills.

The ability to bring in new business via sales and customer development

Essential Skills

Strong road freight forwarding experience is essential for this role.

Previous experience of remotely managing numerous teams.

Commercially minded, with a desire to drive profitability whilst still providing outstanding customer service.

Experience developing and lead freight forwarding teams through periods of change.

Ideally educated to degree level (BSc, BA, BEng).

IATA - Dangerous Goods certified.

BIFA - Membership would be advantageous.

ILM - Management qualified would be beneficial.

Previous experience at a similar level within other Blue-Chip or SME forwarding businesses.

Compensation and Benefits

£XX,000-£XX,000 + Optional Bonus. The successful candidate will be put on a fast-track to a Director position within the business in response to growth.

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